Looks awesome to me Virgil!

Started by koker93, October 03, 2020, 04:26:01 PM

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Hey - I just caught one of your demo videos on YouTube and you mentioned a demo.  It's pretty great.  I really, really like the fluid dynamics of the creeper.  Seems some of the weapons are really overpowered compared to previous versions of the game, but it was really fun playing through.  OK, I haven't figured out the last level yet, but even in failure that level is pretty fun so far. 

Can't wait for the full version to see both the campaign and what the community at large has in store.


Hey, glad you're enjoying the game! :)

It's actually a massive help to Knuckle Cracker to get as much information as he can on why players are struggling with any of the demo missions - videos, screenshots, things like that. It can help spot potentially serious usability problems within the game. If you are still having trouble with any of the demo missions, or anyone reading this really, and you're willing to help, join the Discord (https://discord.com/invite/knucklecracker) and ping @K75 about which mission you are having trouble with and what is your approach and what goes wrong.


I'm not a discord user, and got weird "email already registered" messages trying to join up.  Didn't feel like fighting through that...

I made it easily through on my third attempt.  The sniper rifles are fairly annoying, at least at first usage.  They cant target anything below themselves, but the crawlers are always below them crossing space and then they surface on the edge and kill whatever is on the edge before the snipers can target them, even if you build 20 of them.  If there is an enemy with a specific turret designed to fight that enemy, maybe the game shouldn't be designed in a way that you can't shoot that turret at that enemy.

That said, I just overbuilt mortar towers along the edge where the creeper was forming a bridge so losing 1 or 2 wouldn't matter and then focused on the wave coming down the hill on the other side.  Having mortars firing onto the bridge so it cannot build out gave me enough time to fight my way up the hill fairly easily.  Once you make it to the 5 minute mark the rest of the level is just slowly pushing back the waves of creeper.

If I had anything to say about the way the creeper works I'd say it seems to viscus to me.  A line of mortar towers seems to do too good a job of beating back the creeper, even without blasters backing them up.  I'm not sure if it was just the presence of the anti creeper, but it seemed a little too easy to hold the entire wave back with only 4 or 5 mortars.