Computer Crashed? Lost Original Install File? Here is Your Solution. :)

Started by Pyxis_GeeK, October 06, 2010, 09:29:04 AM

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If your computer has crashed or you have lost your original install file there is no reason to fear. Please email Provide them with your name and a little bit of information to validate that you actually purchased the game and the support team will send you a new link with the download.

Please allow 12 - 24 hours to get a response

This covers just about any type of issue you may have with a lost install of Creeper World or Creeper World 2.

Can a Mod sticky this?


The person should probably include their order ID from one of the emails they received, if they still have it. At least that way it's easier to know if the person is telling the truth about having bought the game...


you should give virgil the code to unlock the game and your credit card number (if thats not to personal ) and the name you ordered with
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I replied the original e-mail and Virgil sent me a new download link.


Yep, if you actually bought it it shouldnt be too hard to prove that you had bought it
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What is the name of the original file? I need to reinstall, as I used the custom map packs and some .bat type files for creeper 1 and now it hangs and then started to lose all records of games...

Thank you.


You can always just send mail to with some identifying information (name used to purchase, email, etc).  I will send you your key(s) and new download links.  From there you can uninstall the old game(s) and then install with the new download links.


Unless you chose to rename it when you downloaded it, ir should be something like


the nnnn are 4 digits of a version number that was current at the time of downloading. Once you reinstall, you may want to head over the the website and download the patch file as well.


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couldn't you copy every thing to a disk or thumb drive in case of these things happening?



Quote from: Kilobyte on November 10, 2013, 10:49:21 AM
You should maybe update this to also apply to CW3.

Does this solution apply to CW3?

My town here in NE TX was hit by an ice storm & I am staying at my sisters. Could be 10 days before I get power back! I have my printout with my key for CW3. OF COURSE I copied 1 & 2 to disk, but did I do 3? NO.  duherrr.....   So I am suffering from CW3 withdrawal. What can I do?

Thanks in advance for assistance!


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Quote from: Grauniad on December 08, 2013, 11:56:52 PM
Download the beta and you should be good to go.

G. to the rescue as usual! That worked just fine. TYVM! I'm off to start over 'til I can go home. No problem with that. :)


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