Steam Keys for Creeper World 3 & ParticleFleet

Started by Portelly, October 28, 2022, 12:30:55 AM

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I still have audio issue (from a previous topic) and after reinstall I want to move to steam version to stop bothering about the sources.

I was able to find the keys and the link for the steam keys exchange but for both game (CW3 & Particule Fleet) the link return "The requested URL was not found on this server."

One question for both game :
Is it still possible to have the steam keys or this option is definitely gone ?


The key exchange option has been withdrawn several years ago. I doubt that switching to the Steam version(s) will have an effect, but I suggest you send email to Provide your game keys and purchase information in the email and you may be able to get Steam keys.



In fact it's more to stop thinking about the game source than find an actual solution.

By there way, I found a solution this morning
it was the midi configuration that for some reason was nor working

(you can access it using the search and enter "midi")
Once put it it in standard it was working again on all configuration

It was this video that give me the solution


Glad you got itt fixed, it has been a while.