Install causes Windows to crash

Started by Klebsiella, August 27, 2009, 07:48:51 PM

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I loved the demo and purchased the full game but much to my dismay every time I attempt to install the game I receive a blue screen of death. I've even attempted to redownload the install file with no success. Is this a known issue?


The install is handled by adobe air (I didn't write the install).  If the demo installed fine, I'm surprised there would be problems with the full version.  A blue screen of death usually means you've got a problem with a driver, a corrupt system file, or some sort of malware is at work. 

If you want to try something, you can go to add/remove programs in the control panel and uninstall the demo and then do the same and uninstall adobe air.  You can then install adobe air first (you can get it here:  (click the Get Adobe Air link on the right)).  Once air is installed you can run the creeper world installer and see if you have better luck.  If you have air installed first, the creeper world installer won't have to install air and then the game, it will literally just install the game using the already installed version of air.


After tons of searching I've figured out Folder Lock was causing issues with Adobe Air. If anyone is having a similar problem and "windrvNT.sys" is showing up on their BSoD, try uninstalling Folder Lock. If the same error occurs with the same message, install the latest version of Folder Lock and again uninstall. This fixed it for me and hopefully will fix it for you.

Time to get my game on!