Steam code used on difference account? wtf?

Started by GeneralNazrin, August 10, 2016, 03:22:39 AM

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hi i purchased this game since the release of this today i want to play it back on steam...i use my code to generate steam code, then i try to activate it on say the code has been used on difference account...


Where did you purchase this game?

If you purchased the game on, please contact with your purchase details.

If you purchased the game on some other site/an alternative method, I suggest you should contact that site.


Yep... as K75 said...

Did you purchase through  If so send a mail to support with your non-steam key (the one you got when you purchased through, along with the email address you used during purchase.  I can use that to lookup your record and then see when the steam key was claimed.

If you purchased somewhere else, let me know.


Thanks for information....i did purchase it from since 7/10/13....ill contact support with my purchased detailed