CW3 won't start on Mac OSX 10.9

Started by KoalaBearWithMe, December 17, 2013, 01:26:15 AM

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Go to Applications/Utilities/ and run that.  See if there is anything in that log that might shed some light.
If you aren't seeing even the splash screen, then the game likely isn't even starting.  There could be a permissions problem, or some other system problem that prevents starting the app.

For the game's log file, look here:
If that file exists open it up and post it here.

As a sanity check make sure after you have downloaded the zip of the game, that you extract the contents of the zip, then run that.  Sometimes people will extract the contents of the zip by double clicking it, and confuse that with attempting to run the actual game.

Lastly, do you have a steam account?  If so, contact me at and I'll hook you up with a beta key (only needed until March 27, 2014 when the game launches on steam).  That will allow you to try the steam version of the game and see if it is any different.