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Started by AutoPost, June 14, 2013, 09:21:16 AM

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Author: yum234

Map of ea3401 with modification by yum234


Dear ladies and gentlemen, what is complexity for this map?
Hint: Destroy gate of Creeper Drones and correctly use shield against AntiCreeper Drones.
In other words, destroy (1 time) gateway (new Creeper drones will not arrive, only Anti-Creeper Drones),
then build shields on the expected way of Anti-Creeper Drones and You can win without  "three at one blow".  ;)

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use the base to hit the first ACD would save at least 5 sec


The evilness of this map isn't the map but rather the rounding errors inherent in this game (or Flash Player?). Over long distances you always seem to get these rounding errors. I first noticed it while making the map World Destruction. I wanted the top to move slower but narrow fields would ALWAYS wind up moving 2 spaces in a frame and then do nothing for a frame. Keeping the Drones aligned here seems very similar.

Getting the 3 Creeper Drones exactly together is not hard. Keeping them together is the tricksy part.


The Gate is (0,0) and keep in mind the only 'real' part of the Liberty Ship is the centre bottom square.

1. Pause before starting and make Nullifiers at (1 left,0) and (1 left,1 up)
2. Move the Liberty Ship to (0,2 down)
3. Pause at 9 seconds and frame advance (n) until the first drone appears.
4. Move the Ship to (2 right,3 up), pause and use frame advance. As soon as the green outline disappears, MOVE TO THE NEXT LOCATION.
5. Move the Ship to (0,2 up)
6. Move the Ship to (0,2 down)
7. Repeat the pattern until all 3 Drones are spawned and on top of each other.

8. After you get the 3 Drones together SAVE. You can do everything correct and they still sometimes go out of sync.

9. The rounding errors are the biggest problem. The longer you go in a straight line the MORE LIKELY one (or more) Drones will become out of sync with the the others. Move only 5 or 6 squares at a time and turn at right angles.

I'm sure you guys can figure out the rest. Good luck!


Voted down since map was not possible without reading here.


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Voted down since map was not possible without reading here.

So you're reflecting your skill level on the map maker? Got it. :)