Liberation Ship packet rate?

Started by Binz, February 04, 2020, 04:32:12 AM

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Hi all,

I've been wondering for a while now. There seems to be some randomness at play that I haven't been able to wrap my head around.

When it comes to the Liberation Ship emitting packets (white/red/green), at what intervals does it do so? Also, and this is the main one troubling me: when there's an opening somewhere, the Liberation Ship seems to have an arbitrary delay of 0 - 30 frames (between 0 and 1 second) before sending out a packet.

I'm particularly interested in this because I've been trying to use this feature in my puzzle maps. For example: requiring a packet speed upgrade in order to be able to reach certain areas before a creeper field steps in and shuts it off at certain intervals. Am I missing something, or is the delay really random?

An answer to this would be greatly appreciated, let alone beneficial for future custom puzzle maps.
Thanks in advance!


This game has a very complicated packet sending delay algorithm. It still varies greatly depending on whether we have a supply of crystals. Teams are placed in a buffer with a standard delay, and then they are also transferred to another frame if the sending limit is exceeded.
If there are no crystals, then only 2 packets can be sent per cycle. And sending the third packet is transferred to the next frame.
It will be very difficult to use meaningfully.
I often go through a bunch of game options to get into the right frame.

Here is what I constantly use.
116 frame ground-2

117 frame ground-1, I give the command to dig the next.
118-white, 133-white, 148-white are buffered

118 frame 118-white cannot be completed, transfer it to 119-white
119 frame 119-white cannot be completed, transfer it to 120-white.
132 frame 132-white can be executed, the packet went
133 frame 133-white from the buffer can be executed, the packet went
148 frame 148-white from the buffer can be executed, the packet went

It turns out 2 packets go in a row + another one after 15 frames.
I save 14 frames.

Red packets seem to be placed in the buffer only a multiple of 15. But maybe they can be transferred to a non-multiple 15 if the send limit is exceeded.


If there's no path from the LS to a crystal, the game will only check for a new path every 30 frames. As a player, you can make sure packets are sent immediately (provided that there is enough energy) by selecting the crystal as soon as there is a free path.