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on: May 20, 2021, 07:34:47 am

This thread is a collection of maps I made for MVERSE.

I will try to provide a predicted difficulty as well as the expected number of players for the best experience. Generally, the more players, the easier the map is.

As I play the maps more I gain more confidence in the difficulty metrics. If you wish, you can leave me feedback in this thread regarding the difficulties and I will try to adjust as seen fit.

Boiling Cauldron
4 Players Difficulty: Hard (Medium Confidence)
3 Players Difficulty: Very Hard (Low Confidence)
2 Players Difficulty: Insane (Very Low Confidence)

Rune Deserts
4 Players Difficulty: Medium (High Confidence)
3 Players Difficulty: Medium-Hard (Medium Confidence)
2 Players Difficulty: Hard (Low Confidence)

Trouble in Ruptured Lands
4 Players Difficulty: Medium-Hard (High Confidence)
3 Players Difficulty: Hard (Medium Confidence)
2 Players Difficulty: Very Hard (Low Confidence)
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