Group things

Started by beirirangu, August 12, 2015, 07:49:17 PM

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While playing, I often find myself using the Multi-select to 'grab' groups of launchers, coils, blasters, makers, etc. to transport them all across the map, which I think is pretty standard. However, I also find it rather tedious to be selecting each and every one of the up to dozens, if not hundreds of units, just for a split-second placement... so I was thinking about a highlighting system where you can shift-click on the first unit you want to select, and then drag the other end of the 'box' over all the other ones want, saving a hell of a lot of time picking out each and every one you want to choose!

Another thing I've been pondering was the option to have group data: when selecting multiple things, it'd show the combined data of all the units: like if I had 7 makers and maxed the weapon range, it'd show "## / 420 m" when I hav them all selected

just a thought