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Started by malibo29, February 23, 2013, 11:51:59 AM

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I just created a new map and had quite big problems with the performance when using a Digging gate and many digging sites.
Are there still updates for this Game? (CW2) Then i would suggest to give each gate a list of dig-sites it can reach and update this wehnever the tarain changes.
This way there are not that many steps to calculate in each frame but just checking the internal list.
Updating these lists yould be done by combining lists.

My example:
I had a gate enclosed by normal terrain without dig sites. And it was obvious that there was no possibility to dig but still the performance reduced to a minimum and 1 gamesecond expanded to 8 real seconds which was very nasty.

I would like to here what you think about this, because i think i should not be that much effort.


Tips to help improve performance:
1: use a higher interval for dig packets (5 works as good as 1 but is a lot faster, 10-30 works best mostly)
2: reduce the amount of gateways that can send dig packets (when there are multiple gateways in the same cave)
3: reduce the amount of enemy dig sites if possible


Yes, it is known that excessive digging sites cause a performance issue. I doubt any structural redesign of the game will happen this late in its lifecycle.

I do believe there was a specific performance issue with "unreachable" dig sites, but a brief search did not return a good hit that I could link you to. I seem to recall it had to do with time intervals and resetting of the internal timer that marked certain sites as unavailable.
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I already played around with the interval and amount of gateways but for this mal it was quite important that as soon as the gateway was reached the dig sites were destroey as fast as possible...


I think I played that map. It was odd that I could tell when a new packet was being sent out because the game kept freezing for a split second. Like the game was panicking in picking the next spot to dig. (Micro rifts make it hard to tell if it was when the new packet was sent or not in when the game locked up for a small moment)