creeper world 4 campaign: at the end the creeper win

Started by GuardianDragonlord, January 15, 2021, 05:53:47 PM

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this is a giant campaign with the creeper is trying to do everything in its power to erase the threat that continues Define all of its attacks. the creeper is now trying to play as the player moving closer and closer to destroy you so the tug-of-war now begins. will you allow the creeper to be Victorious and purging all technology. there are over ten different missions to fight through as the levels go up the difficulty Rises. is utilizes every bit of unique objects, Technology available, pushing the limits of the game but still trying to stay playable.

a quote from the creeper: you inferior human shall be purged and Destroy we are the only Superior beings in the universe all Technologies child bow to our might we do not use any such primitive Notions we are the universe and we deemed anything to be destroyable.

a quote from preacher: indeed you will manage to you. The creeper this will not do this could upset all time and space and destroy the very universe that built it we must go in peace traveler we must bring the founders everywhere

quote from starch: major threat detected ignore all available technical problems party set all parties. Floyd. Providing priority Target threat extreme I never bility of all system failures eminent prepare for full structured power.

quote from the assistant: it appears that we have a lot of work ahead of a sir we may have to Google a lot of work and I up here bottle hopefully we have enough technology on our side to beat this grave threat I believe in you sir.

Mission 1

Mission 2

Mission 3

Mission 4

Mission 5

Mission 6

Mission 7

Mission 8

Mission 9

Mission 10