[Feature request] Building a grid of pylons with 1 click

Started by jaworeq, June 15, 2018, 04:06:11 PM

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It hit me when I was watching latest video - it took a whole minute to place relatively small grid of pylons and it was similarly time consuming in CW3. Why not have option to place 3x3 block (or click and pull to build 3-wide row of pylons).
Behaviour in case pylon is not buildable - just not place it, the same as when building a row of pylons (but assuming 2 out of 3 are buildable - they will be placed).
Maybe put it on mouse scroll - I choose a pylon to build, when I scroll up it goes 2x2, 3x3, 4x4 and judging by maps presented in videos, I guess 5x5 being the biggest.


that is a good idea! especially now that collectors have fewer terrain restrictions. it would probably need to be something other than mouse scroll wheel since that is already bound. but being able to make a large swath of collectors sounds great.


I don't agree with this Idea. Let me explain my mapmaker point of view.

Your grid is part of your strategy a bad grid gets you killed.  ;D

So getting what I'll call an "easy 5X5 grid build" takes out that part of the game.
As soon as you get some energy just overbuild 5X5 squares... If you get a spore in base , just pause the game, use the 5X5 tool and you'll rebuild your grid as new...

I think the overlay showing connection range and un-buildable positions is enough.

I made a dream ... was map making on CW4


A bad grid doesn't really get you killed at all. You only end up with less space for other structures, but usually there's no need to fill every inch of empty space with structures so it doesn't end up mattering.

However, I do see how it can take away some charm of base building, when you're no longer purely responsible for your own structures. I dislike using the default hold and drag mechanic for non-straight lines for this reason, as it never builds how I would normally organically angle my structures.

Myself, I think something like this would be pretty neat. You click and hold your mouse at a location, then drag to build towers/pylons, however instead of them forming a straight line from point A to point B, every new tower/pylon ghost that is placed stays exactly where it is. If you want to remove it, just drag your cursor back to it. Here's an illustration:

Granted, this would need to be an ability on top of the existing click and drag as it is very useful for straight lines, so perhaps with a hotkey.
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Quote from: Nuhages on July 05, 2018, 04:15:10 PM
Your grid is part of your strategy a bad grid gets you killed.  ;D
I didnt have in mind maps, where you need to strategically place a grid. I thought more of a case of huge flat terrain and you building an energy farm:
1. Find your starting corner
2. Pull a line of collectors
3. Find spot exactly 3 units away from previous starting point
4. Go to point 2 until you're out of land.

And then I guess point 5 - fill the rest with reactors.
On every bigger map, it's more a chore than a strategy.



I agree not so important but part of the gameplay.

I love your idea. With terrain getting more complex in CW4 it would be awesome.
Could it be possible? Better could we have strait lines and that enable by "Ctrl+Click" ?
I made a dream ... was map making on CW4


That picture, wish I could place not straight lines of collectors, but I usually build some collectors and then go to build like 100 reactors and once those are up, I finish the map with the energy production back in my base.