[suggestion]difficulty setting

Started by harrymcb, July 23, 2018, 02:17:27 PM

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basically to add what it says on the title. a setting easy/normal/hard that effectively adds a multiplier to properties of your units like a forge.so for instance on easy multiply energy gen and fire rate by 1.5. or the opposite on hard. this could even be applied to custom maps as it is just a multiplier. although it would require a separate scoreboard for different difficulties. i would not like this to change the creeper in any way at all, but making your units better, cheaper would make that one level easier for unskilled players. and for those that love a challenge you can go to hard mode. this "should" actually bea an easy change to make. just add a multiplier to current settings.

note this is a spur of the moment idea so i'm open to discussion