Particle Fleet Custom Map Won't Finalize

Started by Baddius, February 28, 2023, 03:10:14 PM

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Hello.  I have been playing Knucklecracker games since Creeper World on Flash. Recently, I've gotten into Particle Fleet, which I absolutely love, but have run into a problem.  Sometimes, my custom maps won't save or finalize.  Normally, I was able to fix this by tweaking struc on the map and then trying to save, but this isn't solving the problem this time around. 

I read on a STEAM forum that I might be able to post my log file for help on locating exactly where I messed up, but the log file is huge.  Is there any specific part of the log file I should post for support, or anything else I should do? 


When you say "won't save or finalize" what are the symptom? Do you get an error message?

Getting to look at the log file would be best. Make sure the log file is of the same session as where you encounter the error, since it is overwritten every time the game starts.

Do not post the file as text, but upload the file as an attachment to your next post on this thread. If you look directly below the text entry areas, there is a down-facing arrow on a button labeled "Attachments and other options". Clicking that will open a file upload dialog.


Thank You.  There is no error message.  If I try to save or finalize, the only thing that happens is the editor menu returns to the page that lets you edit land.


I see that there is an exception in the log file. I've asked knucracker if he can provide a bit more detail on what type of unit this may be. If we track it down, you may have to delete those units from the map and try to save it.  Stay tuned. 


From Knucracker:

Quotethe phalanxgun [unit that caused exception in save] appears to be the little gun that appears on the energy mines when you have that upgrade. So removing the upgrade should remove those guns which might avoid whatever the problem is.

Remove the units, then save (the crash seems to happen during the save prior to finalizing).

Then open your file, test to see if you can finalize, if you can, you can restore those units one-by-one to see which one was the culprit.