My worst score ever

Started by Bog, November 26, 2022, 02:06:36 AM

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I often play Chronom with a very casual attitude, mindlessly pushing back the creeper while watching TV, often with arbitrary limitations put on myself. I usually play with no drones, often I put the city in a difficult starting position rather than an optimal one just for fun, or restrict other buildings as well.

Today I had a day off and was playing in the morning and stepped away from my computer for something, thinking I had paused it. I ended up getting called away further and had a super busy afternoon and evening, not getting home until after midnight. I then discovered my game was still going on double speed and my base was still alive.

The map was February 13th 2023. I ended up with a score of 376 and a time of 1535 min 44 sec.

It is undoubtably my worst score by a massive margin.


I fell asleep once with the game still running.  Woke up hours later to a 3-digit score.  I don't think I submitted it, just started over.

I never do drones, and the game for me isn't over until I have eradicated all creeper and capped all emitters.  That explains why I'm usually near the bottom of the scores list. ;)