Choosing a dark or light theme for SMF 2.1.2

Started by Karsten75, September 08, 2022, 07:10:09 PM

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After the upgrade (announcement here), SMF will be at Version 2.1.2. There has been a fair number of changes to the user interface and we'll all probably have to learn to get along with the new UI.  One of the most noteworthy changes  was that we lost the default dark theme, Dark Breeze. We were not exactly enamored of it anyway, so this was an opportunity to simplify matters and get back to basics, so to speak.

By Default, SMF has a single, light theme named Curve2. Some enterprising members of the SMF community created a mod that allow to change Theme colors. Unfortunately it's an admin-only tool, so users can't select individual preferences. 

Knucracker spent some time to clone the theme and create an equivalent Dark theme that we hope is somewhat more acceptable than the Dark Breeze it replaces.

Here are screenshots of the themes currently installed.

Dark ThemeLight ThemeBlue Theme

Once you have passed the barrier of having more than 5 posts, you can choose to change your preferred theme.

1. Use the drop-down with your user name  and select "Look and Layout"


2. Look for the "Current Theme" section right near the top of the next pane that opens, right beneath the "Profile" section.

3. Then choose either the SMF Default Theme - Curve2, or the Curve2 - Dark theme.


If there are particular usability issues with the dark theme, please open a post in the Support Board.

Edit (Sept. 16th 2022): An alternate dark theme "Blue Space" has also been installed.  The instructions for using it are similar to the above. There is no support offered for it, though. Use at your own discretion.