Removal of Custom Map #10112: All-Out Retreat. By: Dark6al3a

Started by Karsten75, June 16, 2022, 11:09:02 AM

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So here's the thing;  If you've seen "It's a Wonderful Life", you are familiar with the movie trope of what would things be like if a person wasn't around. Well, in the case of K75 I can say that the forums would have been shut down, or effectively shut down, before CW3 ever happened.  Custom maps in CW3 certainly  wouldn't have been the thing they are.  CRPL probably would not have happened. I would very likely have done CW1 and CW2, then returned to the corporate tills.  So everything after 2011 would be a dystopian alternate reality where I spend my days siting in conference calls and trying to get developers to stop fighting with each other. And, we (all of us) never got to play CW3, PF, CW4, and IXE.  That last one is TBD.

So, consider this when thinking on the redaction and reversal of map; ten thousand one hundred twelve for CW3.  And, this sounds like a good landing spot for this discussion.