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Started by CuteExponent, March 25, 2022, 06:21:54 PM

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Most abbreviations i've been able to understand but there are alot of tags and such getting used in game names that i haven't been able to place.
Also! General tag/abbreviation list posted somewhere to sticky would be super helpful anyway.
some im trying to figure out are VPAC and LPAC.


LPAC - Light PAC, a gamemode that is supposed to be a very basic version of PAC where you simply boost creeper structures and watch them eventually take over.
VPAC - I assume this one just stands for Vertu PAC and it's probably PAC but with whatever crazy stuff Vertu puts into it. I opened one of the maps and my game ground to a halt so I can't help more than that.
PAC stands for Play as Creeper and is an inherited abbreviation from a gamemode created a long time ago in CW3