No visuals for final cut scene?

Started by Dnaaz, January 02, 2021, 05:08:33 AM

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Just finished the final mission... and got a blank screen?!?

Just after the bit where it flies across a Creeper covered landscape and into a blue/purple wall of goo... it's supposed to go to a conversation cut-scene (according to a Youtube walkthrough I watched the end of) but I just get a blank screen with the cursor and a 'Skip' button (which works) in the bottom right corner.

Maybe I'm missing a resource?

I have a saved game just near the end so I can reproduce the problem if a video clip would help (though there's nothing to see!) or you'd like me to try something.

All the other conversation 'cut-scenes' have worked fine.


Use the "Attachments and other options" drop-down below the box where you type in a new reply and attach a copy of your player.log file and/or the save file to this thread.

The usual causes for not seeing cut-scenes are that you don't have a current level of Windows; that you are running on a non-Windows platform (Linux/Mac); or that you have a version that shipped without a media player.

The Support forum (Where I'm moving this topic) has a post that provides instructions on where to find the PLayer.log file.


Are you a Linux or Windows 10 N user?