CreeperWorld in unity remake

Started by axy_david, January 11, 2020, 09:53:01 AM

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I'm a computer engineer and I have experience with unity C# for over 1 year now as I worked with a gaming company with their multiplayer framework stuff in unity.
My dream is to create a creeper world 1 inspired game in unity, so I can play it on my phone and also because I want to see how my reimagination of the game would end up like, either a complete failure or perhaps pretty decent.
I like all knuckle cracker games however CreeperWorld 1 is my all-time favorite, I just like that scaled down look, that's simple and straightforward.
I have pushed this idea off for a few years now because I don't know how knucracked would feel about it as I really would like to use the original assets and gameplay mechanics of the original CreeperWorld 1 game.

One of the things that I was thinking that would be cool would be real time multiplayer versus mode where 1 player is the creeper and the other is the defender, although as of now I don't really know how you can make the creeper side be more exciting, all I can think of is that the creeper side can initially choose where their emitters want to be located and maybe can build a spore spawner building, and they get energy by the creeper controlled land. However, by definition the creeper has a slow but steady gameplay, which is not very exciting.
What do you guys think? Should I go more into this or just forget about it? My main point is really more about a  single player campaign which I can play on my phone while the multiplayer while a feasible idea is something for later on perhaps.


Inspiration is fine, outright replicas are ... less so.

Everything you suggest, I've seen suggested before, so there is clearly some interest. But CW is KC's game, you would do better to make something that is your own.

That's my opinion, at least.
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Hence why I haven't done  it.
I don't know where to ask permission or other stuff, nor do I know how much would be too much.