Steam Game Festival, Summer Edition

Started by Karsten75, April 30, 2020, 06:16:41 PM

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Steam has announce their Steam Game Festival, Summer Edition

It's tight, but Knuckle Cracker is trying to produce a limited tech demo of Creeper World 4 to be available during this steam game festival. The demo has to be ready a month ahead of time (May 15). We need a very limited, but varied,  set of testers to try the demo. Note this isn't the full game, it's the demo that everyone will be able to play for free during the steam game festival in June.

The demo requires steam and it requires windows (no MacOS or Linux for this demo).  For now we really need to get the biggest variance and cover for the limited number of Steam-issued keys we have available.  Volunteer and let us know the machine(s) you will be testing on by completing this Google form

Please note that we are not able to take more than the number of applicants that we have keys for and within that we really have to strive for variance.