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Started by rennervate, March 31, 2022, 05:58:38 AM

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i hope you can help me before I go insane. How to draw creeper when creating a map? in some maps creeper is drawn with a height of 100 on 3x3 pixels. I can't figure out how to do that.
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Unless I'm remembering wrong, there is no way to directly paint creeper using the editor drawing tools in Creeper World 3.  Maps can create creeper using scripting, and that is what a lot of maps do.  In CW4, I added creeper painting tools, etc.


knucracker remembers rightly. (Which for a game this old is impressive.)

The other tricky thing with that is that scripts need you to leave edit mode and hit N to advance time, then return to edit mode. (Slightly-dangerous workarounds aside.) So you need to know where you want the Creeper in advance, or you'll get Digitalis spread.

If you feel like dipping your toe in the scripting water: this is a script which should paint Creeper on all level 10 terrain on the map, you will need to attach it to a CRPL Core and do the N thing (you can delete it after the Creeper is painted). Don't forget to recompile the first time you want to use it. By default, it'll put 1.04 Creeper on all level 10 terrain, you can edit these settings on the CRPL Core you use. If you wish, you can attach the script multiple times or use multiple Cores.

(I could have written it to make the Core vanish after use, but that's annoying if you make a mistake.)

<-PaintOn ->L
<-Amt ->A
MapHeight 0 do MapWidth 0 do
  I J GetTerrain <-L eq if
    I J <-A SetCreeper
loop loop
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thanks to both of you. this helps me a lot and calms me down  ;D
aka: AlexX

Martin Gronsdal

there's a different way to do this, which requires both time and timing.

let's say you have an island that you want to cover with X height creeper. You can make 1 or endless amount of emitters with strength of X on that land and leave the editor and start the game. As long as the height is below the spilling level, which I think is 500, then the island will be covered in X creeper. The emitters don't make more than X ever. You can leave the game 30 mins and when you return, the creeper will be exactly X everywhere and surface of creeper will be smooth. After that, you can delete the emitters, all or some of them, and save again. Ah, remember to reset time, but NOT to hit the "reset creeper" button....

you can also experiment with different approaches - make the island with lots of creeper on it, following the description above. Then add land adjacent to the creeper and save it like that. When the player starts the map, huge wave of creeper instantly spills towards the new land formation....


Quote from: Martin Gronsdal on August 07, 2022, 02:29:16 PM
Ah, remember to reset time, but NOT to hit the "reset creeper" button....

Not 100% sure about this...

But I believe that finalizing the map from editor resets the time for the finalized map, so it's usually not needed to do that manually with exception of some CRPL scripts that require the time to be in 0 ex. PAC mode.

Martin Gronsdal

never thought of that!

but, if you have spore towers, I think you have to reset the time, in order for them to fire when you wanted them to fire. Example: you set a tower to fire at 5000 (whatever that is in human seconds). If you start playing the map outside editor and then save, the spore tower will have "built itself" during the time gameplay was on. That is, unless you reset the time - then it's back to 5000 from scratch.

The same goes for any unit that does something after a set amount of time. One can set emitters to have a delay as well....