Special game modes: Play as Creeper, Sleeper Mode, Particle Mode, etc.

Started by Karsten75, April 17, 2015, 09:11:31 PM

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With the flexibility of CW3 basic game mode, as well as the ability to customize maps, many map makers have expanded the genre to provide derivative play styles.  To prevent forum clutter, this topic aims to summarize those game modes and  provide links to forum topics and wiki pages for others wishing to play or discuss those types of games

Feel free to suggest additional special map modes that have a number of discussion topics. Provide the details in the same format as for these existing ones and I will add them to the top post.

Play As Creeper (PAC) or #PAC in Colonial Space map list.
The Sleeper Menace maps
Particle Mode
2/9/2016:Updated to add particle game mode.