Level editor

Started by kakaique2000, June 16, 2011, 02:27:42 PM

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You prefer to download the maps published, edited or play on maps where is the Code missions?

let your vote


I'd rather code in missions, but I think if would have url of the mission, so players could pass the urls


I fail to see the point of this question at this time

At the moment you can only play code maps so there is no means of comparison, but as soon as the editor is out there will be alot of people making maps - some will be far better than the random generated code maps and some will be far worse, code maps are perfect for a quick match against a lvl that you haven't seen before without the hassle of downloading a new map that someone has edited .. but the some of the future edited maps will be tougher or more fun than the code maps you can't really compare them at the moment


I'm hoping there will be some sort of voting system, to see which maps are best. That way we can only play the best ones, and the will be far better than any code map.