Cricket - can't finish

Started by Helper, November 21, 2018, 04:22:04 AM

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I've tried finding specific game help, but must not be searching properly.
Stuck on ending Cricket.
I've dug up and connected the 4 sets of special weapons (which were firing at the floating thing, but have quit) and even have 4 Thor's wandering around, but can't seem to close the deal.
Does anyone have a link to a discussion of this map - or a suggestion?
Thank you,


If you select a well-charged Thor, there's a big, tempting button that costs (100? 300?) ammo per press. Spam it.

I think the label is "FIRE MAIN CANNONS".
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Good Morning, and thank you.
I sure wish I still had a memory.
My old score was about 20 minutes, but not today.
I appreciate your help.
On to the battles.