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Started by Selva, May 05, 2014, 11:14:49 PM

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CW3!  Awesome!!!   

Needs multiple data saves so my wife can play!


It would be a hassle, but there are four save slots per map, which you could divide up, and you could submit score under different names (which is the hassle part).

Or you could do what my family did for The Sims. We created a folder for our separate save files, and wrote batch files that would copy the files from the individual folders into the actual save folder, open the game, and copy the files back when we were done. I'm guessing this is too complicated for you though, and if you're short on hard drive space, a bad idea.
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I think he means having individual save slots for the story mode or Alpha Sector or Prospector Zone or whatever, not just for each map.


The second option would do that.

It would copy C:\Users\Selva\Documents\CreeperWorld3\*.* into C:\Users\Selva\Documents\CreeperWorld3Backup\
It would then delete the C:\Users\Selva\Documents\CreeperWorld3\*.* contents, copy C:\Users\Selva\Documents\SelvaCreeperWorld3\*.* into that folder, and run the game. When the game closes, the script would delete the contents of C:\Users\Selva\Documents\SelvaCreeperWorld3\ and copy the information back into there.

Another script would do the same thing, but using the WifeCreeperWorld3 file instead of SelvaCreeperWorld3.

I'm using the directory I assumed for your MyDocuments folder and using placeholder foldernames for where your individual names would go.

The whole thing is far more complicated than it needs to be, though.
My maps: Top scores: Sugarplum, Cryz Dal, Cryz Torri, Cryz Bohz (Click fetch scores, page courtesy of kwinse)


I should have said "separate profiles" not "separate saves."  Showing my age.  But yes.  I think "batch files" might be a bit beyond her.  Thanks though.     :)


Another OS-level user, perhaps?


If you log in as different users to Windows, the game will have different profiles.