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Started by Timeheart, March 27, 2014, 04:06:14 PM

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I just have noticed your game pop up at the steam listings, and I was surprised to see that you've already begun CW3. It looks like an impressive new game! I hope it's good as the others. I've also wondered, if the maps are growing to allow for more terrain and greater battles, perhaps it might find space for Multiplayer modes. It would add a new dimension to the gameplay, if you have to contend with another person, as well as the creeper. With a versus mode, you might break your rival's defenses so the creeper might get them, while protecting your own base from destruction. Or perhaps you might work together, to reach various beacons that you need to work together to reach from different directions. Would you think this might become possible in future versions of the game?


multiplier mode has been being discussed for a long time and i don't think it's going to happen
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I'm not saying it's going to happen, because probably not. But. Multiplayer isn't something that can happen in this build of the game. Perhaps Virgil will consider adding multiplayer support (either co-op or versus, or both) in the next installment of the series. If there is one. (IMO, CW3 is pretty much perfect >.>)


Well I'm not saying they need to so quickly. I just think they've gotten close to something then could make into Multiplayer. They wouldn't need to change the game play much at all to do it. Just imagine it on that one map where you get your second Command center.


There is no "they", only "he". Virgil is a single indie developer.


Quote from: Timeheart on March 28, 2014, 05:10:11 AM
Well I'm not saying they need to so quickly. I just think they've gotten close to something then could make into Multiplayer. They wouldn't need to change the game play much at all to do it. Just imagine it on that one map where you get your second Command center.

i think you underestimate the complexity of multiplayer coding. ::)
it is an awful lot more work to get more than one player communicating with another effectively, i could try to explain but this article does it better, it isn't too technical, and gives a nice breakdown of the things involved in multiplayer coding.
so until V can ninja his mind around all that stuff as well as planning the next game, and having a life, it's probably single player only dude  8)
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Tek's (and Karsten for that matter, are) right. Multiplayer coidng has a ton of layers which I don't think you realize.

You need a server for the chat system, since text needs to be input then sent on then relayed to the proper parties.
You need, frankly, much larger maps than we have now, since even at 256x256, you're going to bump into your foe rather quickly. I mean, it works for like StarCraft size maps, but CW3 is a bit small for all this.
You need a fog of war system so you can't straight up watch your opponent build things.
You need to decide how that affects the Creeper. You need to decide rules on ownership of PZs.
You need to decide how ownership of Totems is going to work. How ownership of custom CRPL units that can connect to networks is gonna work. You need to work out predestined starting locations, and adjust maps so that there ARE starting locations.
You need to work out damage, unit strength, and target priorities for units. You need to solve the MOST annoying problem, which is that everyone's strategy would simply be using Strafers on Collectors and Relays, which cripples the network entirely.

Just saying. This game is super not set up for Multiplayer, co-op or otherwise.


I think with collaboration between coders, it might be possible to make a single map with multiplayer; using a series of colored lights in the corner of the interface, and an external code that inputs international keyboard symbols, like "¥©§☺♣◊╝". Keys you probably wouldn't find on a keyboard.

So the external script requires both players input the ip/port provided by the same script on the other player's end (The script would need to compensate for Homestuck style Client/Server style chains). The script reads the colored dots in the corner as they change colors, and sends this to the other player's script. This feeds impossible key inputs into the keyboard, which an in game script reads and updates the board accordingly.

So the map starts out as a mirror image of itself, with one half completely covered in AC and the other in regular creeper. This can be the same for both players, as the map is a mirror image, both players can start on the left half. Where Creeper is blue and AC yellow, see Starting State Image.

So player 1 starts to destroy creeper, and sets up a network of collectors and stuff (See Player 1 Potential Early game). But player 2 has started doing the same. The game constantly reads the levels of creeper and AC... and feeds them to the other players, as well as the position of the command node. In a way similar to the recent Mirror Image map, the game updates the levels of AC and Creeper on each player's map with a sweeping line. The enemy's command node is represented on your map with a Inhibitor, and the network is ignored. The updating would ignore pausing, meaning you're at a disadvantage whenever you pause, but you still can.

So as one player destroys creeper on their map, they destroy AC on the other player's map. As one player adds AC, they add creeper to the other map. As well, a set amount of AC comes out of the CN, which is also creeper coming out of the Inhibitor.

So we'd require knowledge of Network Ports, and of that big "introduction" page of multiplayer, and of pixel reading and all the various weird keys.
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I suppose you guys would be right. knowing how complex the coding could be. I just thought the gameplay itself had evolved to a good point for it. I guess they'd need some support for something like that. But at they've got online scores for competing.

And there's nothing wrong with indulging in the thought. Finding the right time to crack your opponents defenses to the creeper, while you've got a good layer set down.  :)


Or maybe something where creeper and AC are both assets to use against the enemy? Both players build up their network like normal with some creeper in the way, which they can use against the other player?
The creeper mortar is a new unit that sucks up surrounding creeper and launches it against enemy units. It is only available in multiplayer.
Here's some bad concept art:


The problem with that idea is, the Creeper would likely destroy it. And AC would likely only be effective against the creeper, not one another. But nothing saying you couldn't steal another person's AC if they have an over abundance you can reach. :D


The Creeper Mortar would take very little damage from creeper, so you could put it somewhere near creeper and then when it gets below half health move it somewhere else and replace it with another. It has all of the functions of the Sprayer.

So two players start at pre-determined places or maybe on different sides of the map, build a network, fight off the creeper, then attack each other. Creeper wouldn't be the only way to destroy enemy units. Your units can attack enemy units. Beams can shoot down flying units, blasters can attack other blasters, collectors and relays go down after one hit, etc. Shields absorb enemy attacks but take small amounts of damage every time they do so. Bertha shots can also be shot down with beams.


Ok, multiplayer possibility, here is my idea about it, if feasible:
being able to do cooperative missions is nice and can have potential, but needs huge $ cost for servers
look at the downfall of microsoft's own age of empires online game to see the difficulty of making games with multiplayer,
however using steam features can help.


It would be surprising to see multiplayer in CW3 on the scale you describe since Virgil is a one-man videogame development team.