Custom Map #2363: Time Delay Fuse

Started by AutoPost, July 09, 2013, 09:01:04 PM

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Author: pastor.healer



Wow. Completely ticked me off, gave up, then came back the next day and got it. Took me 5 tries, even with lots of saves.
It's really neat when someone makes a map like this that takes the game in a whole new direction. Exhausting and frustrating, but very original. Nicely done.

Creative use of rifts and tunnels with serious patience and micromanagement did the trick for me


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Interesting/challenging map.  I find the randomness of the drones frustrating, with "what worked last time didn't work this time because they turned left instead of right".  But...

I abondoned rifts (too expensive) in favor of long tunnels with vertical ends that (at the critical time) I build reactors at the top of, as "bait" to distract the drones while my initial blaster finishes up and starts charging.


Interesing use of mechanics. Cool map!