Creeper World has Launched!

Started by knucracker, July 30, 2009, 08:26:35 PM

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After many, many hours of hard labor.... Creeper World finally launched.  A scarce few have found the game (literally only a few hundred visitors)... so if you are reading this around the time it is being posted you are one of those rare few.


Hello, I just played the demo, and I found it to be entertaining. If I buy it, do I get to download the game instantly from you, or do I get a box or something? The fact that I have to enter my address at the but screen confuses me :)


I'm glad you enjoyed the demo!

You get access to the game instantly when you purchase.  Make sure you fill in your email address properly... you will receive an email that contains your download links for the windows and the mac versions.

The address is just used by the store to verify the purchase (if you use a credit card).