Custom Map #2420: Maelstrom of Chaos. By: Grabz

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Custom Map #2420: Maelstrom of Chaos. By: Grabz
on: October 09, 2021, 09:07:42 pm
This topic is for discussion of map #2420: Maelstrom of Chaos

Author: Grabz
Size: 256x160


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Re: Custom Map #2420: Maelstrom of Chaos. By: Grabz
Reply #1 on: October 09, 2021, 09:11:42 pm
In contrast to the previous one, this one is on the longer and sloggier side. Enjoy :)

You can now build resources (redon / bluite / greenar) in the recycler. Can be helpful if you're really hurting for a certain resource.

As always you can find the CPACKs for this map in the Mystery Boxes thread. You can always find the latest version of the CPACKs there, and I highly suggest downloading from there if you're looking for a download of the latest version.

Any feedback is welcome. This map is on the harder side and you may find yourself having trouble stabilizing in time, in which scenario I would suggest lowering box difficulty.

For quicker response, reply to me directly at Grabz#4707 on Discord. Find me on the KC server: