Any thoughts on new environmental features for cw4?

Started by A human, April 07, 2018, 01:51:26 PM

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A human

Allied, enemy, or neutral(can be used to either side's advantage)

Maybe pre-existing micro rifts? could be used to allow/force players to build on either side of them, (since they let creeper though them too), making maps composed of small islands with rifts between them. Could replace subspace slip emitters, (as soon as both sides are cleared of creeper, it stops being a hazard, and can be used to help)

There could also be different kinds of terrain, (un-terraformable, creeper destructible, either one could be explained as something that is made from technology) could also be terrain that could become destructible to creeper after a certain time. This could improve the 3d feel of the game (if terrain is in levels) and change strategies (no more flattening inconvenient mountains/hills, better get ready before 3:30, when that dam holding the creeper back turns creeper-destructible)

My last thought is some sort of "creeper pod" that releases something (and breaks) if it is covered then uncovered by creeper. Maybe it could charge up to a certain point when covered by creeper, then destroys itself and releases its contents next time it's on dry land, for example, there could be one that spawns a wave of creeper (that gets larger the longer it's left alone under-creeper, up to a certain limit) or one that charges up "creeper economy points" (also up to a limit) when covered by creeper, then spends them on a preselected enemy, (including blobs) or possibly donate them to the nearest emitter. This would help reduce one of the only problems with the series, that at the end of most levels, it's just clean up after you get established and reduce creeper/emitters/other structures to a manageable level. This could change that. I don't think the new inhibitors/nullifiers (I like the idea of capping emitters, by the way) should stop them completely, reducing them to just something else to not forget during clean up, but I think they should do SOMETHING, maybe keeping it from charging up more, and preventing ones that haven't been awakened by creeper from even starting to charge on exposure to it?

Just some thoughts I had, what are some of yours?

EDIT: suggestion for creeper pod name: Gemmules, these are armored buds found in some kinds of sponges, they can survive nasty conditions that their parents don't. Awhile after the parent's death, (when conditions improve) they then grow into new sponges on the same spot, even recolonizing their parent's old skeletons. Not exactly like my idea, but close, and the name sounds cool.


Your suggestions fall into three groups.
1) Already in there.
2) Possibly in there, haven't seen it for a while.
3) Custom-scripting time!

The third group is good for discrete units, the first two tend to cover anything that's a "terrain type" (if it fell into the third group, it would be "not really practical").
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