How to comment on maps

Started by knucracker, February 15, 2014, 08:41:41 PM

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As general guidelines consider these things as you comment on maps:

- Maps are made by the full spectrum of humanity.  From very young, to uh hmm very 'old'. From native English speakers to can't speak a word of English.  From experienced game players to casual and new as they come.

- Not every question requires a written answer.  No response is sometimes the best answer.

- Shower encouragement and praise on the things you like, ignore what you dislike.

- Constructive criticism is perfectly fine.

- Meta comments (comments on other people's comments) can often spiral away from map discussions.  Be cautious of topic drift.

- The above guidelines are not hard and fast rules, they are just guidelines designed to create a bias towards helping map makers make better maps.