Creeper World 4 Version 1.3 Update

Started by Karsten75, February 25, 2021, 11:51:35 AM

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Version 1.3 for Creeper Word 4 is now live on Steam, GOG, and direct purchase.  Here are the updates:

  • Added support for built in titans (sweeper, bertha, airship).
  • Added (optional) ability for nullifiers to 'overload' and destroy enemy units.
  • Show terrain height in the minimap.
  • Added support for unit build limits.
  • Added support for bump scrolling when fullscreen.
  • Enhanced porter pod placement with valid indicators.
  • Enhanced Colonies to remember the last selected map even if it is filtered out. Also remembers across game instances.
  • Added more units to the tab-build capability.
  • Added mesh health indicator to lower left pane.
  • Removed visibility options from game options (not needed since save button was added to in-game visibility dropdown).
  • Added a visibility option for non-enemy outlines.
  • Tweaked terrain rendering to better handle 1 cell wide diagonals and terrain resource overlays.
  • Wiki documentation for 4rpl(scripting): 4RPL WIKI
  • Over 40 4rpl(scripting) changes and additions.
  • Over 40 bug fixes.