CS3 Map Editor?

Started by Helper, June 22, 2022, 08:15:47 AM

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(Or maybe CW3?)

Trying to find/download/install the CW3 map editor. Have been looking for about an hour and can't find it.
I had it several computers ago, but have long forgotten anything about it.
I agreed to test play a map and now I can't even get out of the starting blocks.

Also, link please if there is a "Map Editing for Dummies" post somewhere.



From Asbestos, sometime in the last decade:

1. Download a .cw3 file off the forums.
2. Open up the creeperworld3 folder somewhere on your computer.
3. Navigate from creeperworld3 to WorldEditor.
4. Create a folder in WorldEditor titled the name of the map you want to download. The name doesn't matter. You can put something like map1.
5. Move the cw3 file into your new folder.
6. Rename it save. As in save.cw3.
7. You can now play the map from within Projects.


A quick summary to make things easier:

CW3's editor is built-in, accessed from the main menu.

Also from the main menu, one of the orbiting buttons at the bottom is "load save from file" (I don't remember the exact name). This is best for playtesting.

The numbered instructions in your previous post will be needed for editing the file.
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OK - got it.
Thank you for the assist.
I appreciate it.