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on: March 11, 2021, 12:12:58 pm
I would like to present the user of an unit changing information.

- Console output and rpl.txt are the wrong track here.
- SetUnitDebugText or SetObjText need to have the unit visually in focus.
- Using a in the CMOD-Settings of an unit predefined UI type "Label" in combination with SetUnitUIText is cool, but space is limited and one need to have the unit selected to see the information in the menu

I thought the ADA messages or GameMessage could be a way, but they only display pre-defined ada/game messages, so no way to display altering information. I did not discover commands to create/modify ada/game messages for the map.

So one thing we can modify: the button texts of the GameMessages. So with muliline text concatted with LF the buttons are a cool way to display varying information, and the user can even click them, to trigger any functionality. I would be happy, BUT: the script needs an empty game message to hijack its buttons, but it cannot create the Game Message, so a command to create/modify Game Messages would be interesting.