Custom Map #2001: Prototype for C. wars ep 3 Remastered. By: Dark_Slayer3000

Started by AutoPost, February 06, 2024, 05:30:00 PM

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This topic is for discussion of map #2001: Prototype for C. wars ep 3 Remastered

Author: Dark_Slayer3000
Size: 401x401

!This mission will be Reuploaded after I improve it after testing. There will be an improved version available when I'm done! Episode 3: Order Perspective: Moder All Moder Generals join together to commence ORDER 29. This fight will decide the future of the Civilisation Wars. Fight for the Glory of the Moder Empire! Gameplay: In this puzzle style map you must hop from island to island, unlocking drones and using them cleverly to progress! Make sure to Save often and look for strategic solutions :)