CW1 and Adobe Flash EOL

Started by Darklurker, November 03, 2020, 01:53:08 PM

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Sorry if this seems a stupid question, but I've just spent an hour reading about the coming Armageddon for Adobe Flash that's happening at the end of next month.  Yay, I get to upgrade our VMWare cluster to 6.7.  Thanks Adobe and Google.

Anyhow, will the death of Flash have any impact on CreeperWorld 1 ver 0800 for Windows?  CW is no longer in any way reliant on Adobe's flash/air stuff, right?  Didn't Virgil move it to some other framework several years ago?



That affects flash in browsers. CW is built with a captive AIR runtime. It is based on flash, but it's like an other dll basically. So the CW executable will continue to run.