Losing Hope

Started by Keybounce, September 26, 2019, 02:43:45 AM

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Seems that "Hope" is badly built. The packet distribution path is so long that the blasters cannot be kept running.

Note that if there was another collector near the top (down 2 from the city, then move left, to bridge to the diamond where the city started), the blasters would get their ammo faster, and 4 blasters would be able to keep up with three sources.


Is Hope not the very first, introductory tutorial? In that case you're supposed to strictly follwo the tutorial steps as outlined.

And it is not "badly built" - it's not meant for what you're attempting. It teaches you to connect to the totems ASAP.


Story wise he is right: hope is badly build and they are on the run. Searching for meaning, and their survival. Picking up technology and survivors on the way.

But hey: what a nice thing that you (the player) arrived as a commander to lead them! Maybe you can show them how to better place their collectors? :P


It won't let me place new collectors :-). Or move weapons, or anything.

Actually, it is *hard* to lose Hope.