Alpha map glitches

Started by knucracker, October 24, 2013, 03:22:35 PM

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I'm having a problem with Teknotiss teks008 Point to Point.

I've killed the Inhibitor (I think thats the name of the structure( and as, usual, every emitter, and spore tower died, but the map was not completed, and no "win" screen appeared.

Do I need to do something else?


You need to collect all tech and other collectibles. Is there any of these?


Quote from: Builder17 on December 17, 2015, 07:41:01 AM
You need to collect all tech and other collectibles. Is there any of these?
Yes there are still lots of those, I tried to go straigth to the inhibitor.
I'll give it a try. Thanks
(Will report back later)

Edit: Yap it worked, map completed. Thank you very much.


Having problems with TP's Troublesome Trains 02
Score doesn't change at all and trains don't mess anything up. (there are no scores either.
First one works fine however.

Trickydragon also has a broken map "Terror" it's unwinnable. (Still)


version 2.12 did not fix the alpha sector maps.



Don't know if you're still accepting/fixing bug reports, but I was playing one of the Alpha maps last night (Snowmaker(JM) A river runs through it), and when I fully upgraded weapon range, instead of actually increasing the range, range was reduced to even less than starting range.  I quit pretty much immediately, so if you need more information about the game state, the auto save has it.  Also, when loading the save, the range shows up correctly until the game is actually resumed.