Strategic Missile Launcher (SML) [CPack] v1.8.4.9

Started by Vertu, July 20, 2021, 12:42:06 AM

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The first of my units to be graduated into the forums.
The Strategic Missile Launcher is designed to be a conversion of investment into firepower/tactical missile launch. You must invest heavily into making this super weapon and doing so carelessly can leave you staved of the requires resources.

The way this investment is expressed can be done by vaporizing Creeper or dropping massive amounts of AC.

There are behavioral bugs for how the armored missile prepares, no workaround has been found so in the event the prerequisites to the bug occur (and would break the unit), the building will self destruct. This happens when swapping missile types from armored to any other missile when it's above the standard maximum ammo (1,000).

Current version: SML V1.8.4.9
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V1.3.5 is a major refining update. I have altered the standard explosion to be more fancy and dynamic. The explosion now has 3 radii, an outer, inner, and epicenter, each with their own amount of damage and radius relative to the master DAMAGE_DIST. The total amount of damage the missiles can do in a single area is the combination of all the additive damage references within the Epicenter_Radius. Calculating the actual damage of the ENTIRE explosion is much more complicated.
The further from the Epicenter of the explosion, the less damage but now deals more damage in the Epicenter in total (per-tile within the Epicenter) than the original standard damage.

The AC Strat Missile also has had some refining, having a blue map icon now and some other small changes to it.
Life isn't fair because we say it isn't. Not because it is unfair. In fact, it is so fair we want to say it isn't and do.


I just spent 7 hours of my conscience in less than 2 hours of real time trying to fix the most absurd phenomenon I have ever encountered that was causing problems when transitioning between ARG ammoWare and AC ammoWare.

V1.5 has "fixed" the ammo quantum physics of the unit. The silo will wait to obtain a single unit of ammo before conducting a very enforced refresh sequence to ENSURE Creeper World 4 the video game UNDERSTANDS YOU HAVE SWAPPED UI STATES AND AMMO TYPES AND DOES NOT DO SOMETHING FUNCKY WITH AMMO DATA!

V1.5 also is compatible with my Creeper_V_Lab using the GlobalList (it's involvement is list instance [97] for those of you who also work with the GlobalList of a mission).

(For anyone curious about why I spent 7 hours of conscience in less than 2 hours of real time and what the hell I mean by "Ammo Quantum Physics):
When you switch to AC missile type while the silo is building, once built, the game will set the Silo's AmmoWare to ARG because it's default AmmoWare is ARG within the unit settings. But at the same time in the ~same frame, the script of the Silo directly changes the AmmoWare type to AC. This causes the game to send AC packets TO the silo BUT the game STILL THINKS THE UNIT'S AMMO WARE IS ARG! So when AC reaches the Silo, the AC is used but NO AMMO IS ADDED! It's the same phenomenon of when you switch a unit's ammo type while it's original ammo type was already coming to it. Once it's past ammo type reaches the unit, that ammo type is put into the unit but does not influence the unit's ammo. (This is a rather old problem so I could be wrong here due to forgetting details or various forms of proof/testing).

However, when the silo completes and you THEN switch to AC WHILE ARG has been sent but the silo has NEVER obtained ammo YET, quantum physics happen. The unit accepts and denies the AC ammo at the same time. The AMMO DATA of the unit which is accessed via methods like "GetUnitAmmo(self)" IS NOT IMPACTED BY THE RECIEVING AC AMMO! HOWEVER! THE AMMO CORE DATA OF THE UNIT IS IMPACTED BY THE AC AMMO! So what ends up happening is, the unit's AMMO DATA is never changing and is stuck as ZERO, meaning the Silo's script would be soft-locked until the player changes Missile Type manually but the CORE AMMO DATA is continuously tracked. The Silo will be gaining ammo as seen by the yellow blocks increasing in quantity and upon achieving max CORE AMMO DATA, stop requesting ammo packets.

So we have the ammo data of the unit such as the "Ammo: 0/1000", the popup text "Current ammo: 0", and the method "GetUnitAmmo(self) ->0" while the Silo's ammo bar increases and will eventually reach max ammo and stop requesting ammo.

This phenomenon has been more infuriating to solve than how to obtain unit information before finding and learning how to search for specific GUIDs for units.
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Very. very small but somewhat important change in V1.6.2.

Removed the creation of damage mapping, this will make the Auto Targeting not compensate for other Silo's that just fired, causing missiles to fire at the same target, creating ridiculous overkill. However this will ensure Mortars and other Depth seeking units don't cease fire while waiting for the SM to clean things up. Just be sure to give manual destinations when more than 1 silo is planning to vaporize Creeper.
Life isn't fair because we say it isn't. Not because it is unfair. In fact, it is so fair we want to say it isn't and do.



Many many many small changes but the big change is the fully operation of a smart PAC AI. With this AI enabled, the PAC AI will now react to how many AntiNUKEs are on the map. 0 = normal Strat missile, 1-2 = AntiCreeper Strat Missile if the factories have enough AC and has a 1/10 chance to use an Armored Missile instead if 1 AntiNuke is around, 1/5 if 2 are around. Greater than 2 AntiNUKEs will have the AI only use Armored Missiles.

Potential bug: Somehow it may be possible for the Smart PAC AI to mess things up where the AC Strat Missile model will be used for the Armored Missile. This was noticed at a glance so this may be false.

Also there are plans for a Cluster Strategic Missile that is a normal missile but releases a swarm of mini-missiles upon destruction or when close enough to the target. This is meant to be a counter to over 5 AntiNUKEs that can take down an Armored Missile.
Currently not implemented but code is around for it.
Life isn't fair because we say it isn't. Not because it is unfair. In fact, it is so fair we want to say it isn't and do.


This download is HEAILY outdated but only because the latest version has some balance concerns which have not been dealt with (but will be, relatively soon).

The top most issue is being able to destroy all enemy structures with the SML, making the Nullifier pointless and will remove a major part of the game's mechanics. This is also VERY EASY to pull off.

Once this is dealt with the download will be updated.

This has still not be dealt with but it feels wrong to keep the convenience of finding the most updated version of this CPACK away from people. Just keep in mind that this unit can and will destroy enemy constructs, the ones like the Emitter, Spore Launcher, etc, so you will have to do something to circumvent this if you plan to use the SML in a normal map.
Life isn't fair because we say it isn't. Not because it is unfair. In fact, it is so fair we want to say it isn't and do.


v1.8.4.9 - Colossal general updates to the unit and colossal refinement.
I will not be giving direct notes to what has been added/changed as 1) I have not been tracking changes and 2) the version jump is MASSIVE. Everything said in this list are speculative and logic based rather than hard facts and information. There are bound to be countless things unmentioned.
  • The SML has a working flash that will light up the entire map using Overlay2 upon a Strat Missile detonating. This can be turned off within a Global Script's variable.
  • Damage decreases the further from the center of the explosion when a Strategic Missile detonates. This includes when it is detonated in mid-air on top of the damage reduction it has for being detonated in mid air.
  • Damage is no longer unanimous and is instead 3 radii, each able to stack on top of each other. The overlapping of radii results in higher damage the closer to the center of detonation.
  • Strategic Missiles now destroy all Creeper and AC around the absolute center of the explosion (where the bloom is created). Currently this is the only instance where the SML damaged AC.
  • SMLs no longer take time to aim or in lore, program strategic missiles for launch. This is now effectively instantaneous in comparison but still takes some time.
  • SML now has a Smart Supply AI which will cause the SML to stop pulling ARG when the Factory has insufficient ARG in storage. This can be toggled.
  • Many visual changes including thruster bloom.
  • Strategic Missiles now release ARG fallout which damage units and both AC and Creeper. Missile Launchers and shields can intercept the fallout.
  • SML now places an indicator where the missile is going to land.
  • SMLs now place a very small damage map in hopes to not encourage other SMLs also in auto targeting to launch at the same exact location. This should not be an issue for Mortars unlike in the distant past that caused its full removal.
  • Strat Missiles will damage enemy units around the impact location. Emitters, Spore Launchers, Blob Nests, etc, are not impervious and thus will be destroyed due to their low health and the damage being only applies to non-impervious units. No built-in workaround is present so be weary of this! The damage varies as followed: Standard -> 25 || Anti-Creeper -> 8.5 || Armored -> 16.5
Life isn't fair because we say it isn't. Not because it is unfair. In fact, it is so fair we want to say it isn't and do.