Suspicious Scores and Inappropriate Names

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Re: Suspicious Scores and Inappropriate Names
Reply #105 on: September 29, 2020, 05:32:29 pm
Map 8619 FatRatKnight - 2:59.2
map 8735 FatRatKnight - 0:09.2

it is back in july but i see it in Suspicious scores.
i see FatRatKnight a few times in that forum but i do not believe atm that person is a cheater.
Map 8619, me and fire used around 15 mins and got 2:30.
map 8735 i got a 0:10.3

Map 8672
Diesel - 6:31.0
i got a time of 5:39.5 so it is not a Suspicious Scores  ;)

map 8723, zerostage´s time of 57.6 is impossible. in the map you need to use 2 nullifer and map limit is 1. you only got time for one build speed and it cant be active for the building of the 1. nullifer.
 i dont know the math but if no one tells me no im gonna put it in Suspicious Scores
i do believe this score nails zerostage as a cheater unless someone can explain how to build 2 nullifers, one after the other, in 57.6 with math or other means of proof.

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Re: Suspicious Scores and Inappropriate Names
Reply #106 on: September 30, 2020, 09:29:37 am
For knucracker to constantly devote time in cleaning up the score tables seem to be a waste of time and energy.

Cheaters will cheat, and ultimately we're not going to invest the time and effort to deter them when there is little benefit to be derived.

As such, going forward, only reports on inappropriate and offensive names will be considered for action. THere can be reported in a new thread here:

This topic has now outlived its usefulness and as such I'm locking it and letting it sink to the bottom of the pile.

For further information, I have discussed this with knucracker, and he will investigate porting the back-end that returns scores to the CW4 model of an unsorted "player log' that returns the most recent scores and not the lowest/best scores absent a name in the "Group" field.

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