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CW2 Map Editor

Started by Steve, August 26, 2018, 10:16:00 PM

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Hi, Im new to the map editor.  I would like to try my hand at creating a map, but when i try to play it, I get an error message saying My installer is damaged, and to get a new one.  How do I find a new installer?  Please advise.


Hi Steve,

If you want to make a map, you'll need to download the editor from here: (Redownload the installer)
It requires AdobeAir.

If it doesn't work, you'll have to give us more information.
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Assuming you get that error when opening/installing the map editor: I think the editor requires adobe AIR which used to be distributed with CW2, but the anniversary edition comes with a built-in version of AIR and thus no longer installs it on your computer. You may need to install adobe AIR yourself or ask virgilw to distribute a new version of the editor that also includes AIR.


Hi and thank you for replying so fast.  I have re-installed the map editor even tho it was working and I was able to create a map.  My problem is that when i try to play that game I made, I double click the game icon that Ive made and saved, thats when i get this message:  "Sorry, an error has occured.  The application could not be installed because the installer file is damaged.  Try obtaining a new installer file from the application author."  Im hoping this clarifies my issue...hopefully you guys can help me get this working.


For CW2 you need to bring up Creeper World 2.  From there click the "CUSTOM" button on the main menu.  Then click "Load Map From File" to load the mission you have made.  There is no file association for cw2 file in your operating system, and even if there was the creeper world 2 executable doesn't have support for opening a custom map via double-click.


Wow thanks Virgil...problem solved !  I should have figured that out...only been playing for years and years lol


Sorry for reopening an ancient topic, but I figured - someone else might have the same issue.
The problem is with certificate used to create .air file which has expired, so the solution is to change system date/year  [I've changed it to 2016] and install the Map Editor.

This is the issue in question: