Seeking advice for level design with custom units

Started by Ranger Von Danger, April 29, 2021, 05:49:37 PM

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Ranger Von Danger

I have made a dozen maps or so and have a good handle on how the map editor works, but I've developed a creative block recently. The PAC, autobuild fps, cursor maps are awesome and add new gameplay mechanics that I think everyone wants more of. So given that the creators of said mods approve of their creations being used on other people's maps, how would I use those units when creating a new map?

I am familiar with how the in game map editing works pretty thoroughly, but I have zero experience with scripts or any other  'under the hood' work that might be required to make this work. Any guidance is welcome and appreciated!


Most of the activity surrounding maps and others helping with advice has moved from the forum to the Discord. I suggest you join there for continued and on-going advice.

In brief, you are free to use any and all of the uploaded maps and their custom content in new maps you make.

You can open the editor in any map, extract relevant CPACKs and then import said CPACKs into any other, new map you wish to deploy the units and their associated scrips in.

Here is a summation of the steps as I posted them some time ago on the Discord.

-  Open any existing mission with the unit(s) you want to use in another mission
- open the Editor (usually Shift-E).
- click on the Mods tab.
- Open  CPACK manager
-  Select CPACK containing the unit you want from the CPAK dropdown.
- Click Export and save it on your hard drive somewhere.

Now open the mission you want the unit in
  - reverse the above steps to IMPORT the CPACK.



Quote from: jhawkmog on July 25, 2021, 06:17:20 PM
how does one join this map making discord?

There is an invite link on the main game page, and also here at the top of the forum (Discord Chat)



Quote from: jhawkmog on July 27, 2021, 03:58:28 PM
both those give me a link invalid msg.

Can't help you without you providing more than the bare minimum information. Those links work for others.

This is the link again

If it doesn't work for you, you might have to check if you have some anti-malware software that blocks Discord links. You could try opening Discord in a browser, and see if you can use their "discovery" feature to navigate to the knuckle Cracker server.  You can check DNS and routing to Discord's servers'. Also try a traceroute command to see if you can even get to Discord.

Mention what browser you use, if the browser is current, whether you get additional information from the browser when it fails connection, those types of things.