Creeper World Lore

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on: September 09, 2018, 10:53:04 pm
I've found these games a few years back, but I never really understood the lore behind them. All I know is humans are dying left and right from some "creeper" thing that spreads across the universe, eating everything in sight.


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Reply #1 on: February 14, 2019, 12:48:27 pm
I can only answer this in parts as best as I can at the time I post. If I find any new information or new information is revealed to me, that part will be updated. Anything I canít be certain of will be put in brackets.

Letís start with the Creeper and Anti-Creeper.

The Creeper is a highly corrosive liquid that doesnít occur naturally as far as we know. [However, this corrosion is inconsistent; there are things it will ignore. The ground and occasionally some plant life, such as grass, will occasionally be ignored or takes long times for the Creeper to dissolve. Almost all organic life or unnatural structures are dissolved, but sometimes remnants of buildings can remain over long periods of time. Certain buildings and remnants of technology are ignored as well, but this is due to outside manipulation.] The Creeperís most common form of propagation is through an Emitter, [an artificially created] structure that may or may not be organic in nature. It is currently unknown how these Emitters get access to a theoretically infinite amount of Creeper [possibly through a dimension similar to Rift Space], but they can be destroyed by large bursts of energy. A less common method of propagation is through Spore Towers, which create large amoeba-esque membranes full of Creeper which fly through the air to hit a target at long range. It isnít exactly clear what causes Spore Towers to appear, however they do appear to grow in areas with other Creeper structures nearby. The Creeper has also been shown to be able to utilize artificially created items for itself, such as with Digitalis [however it is unknown if these ďevolutionsĒ are caused by outside manipulation]. It has been deduced that the Creeper is actually a sort of data collection/storage tool, which was used to reveal and access the Arc Eternal. [Itís possible that it formed as a result of, or with, the Arc Eternal whenever the Arc Eternal was made, whether by the creation of the universe or some arcane beings. However, it is unknown if data collection/storage and revealing/wielding the Arc Eternal are itís only purpose, or there are more.]

The Anti-Creeper

The Anit-Creeper was created in [I canít remember the date, or if there even was a date] by Aliana Abraxis sometime around when the Academy was established. Itís purpose is to eliminate the Creeper and related structures by using its own strengths. Like the Creeper, it is a liquid that is highly corrosive, however it only corrodes Creeper and related structures and is created by refining an unknown ore. It is unable to destroy many Creeper-related structures by itself, however it can make the rare ďweakĒ Emitters emit Anti-Creeper, but requires a way for it to propagate itself before then. As such, the Sprayer was created.

Random Event

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Reply #2 on: February 14, 2019, 07:07:23 pm
that's a lot of lore
nice knowing it though  :)

Is anything truly random?