Custom Map #345: The UDF Pt. 4. By: GameGlitch

Started by AutoPost, November 17, 2016, 08:53:29 PM

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This topic is for discussion of map #345: The UDF Pt. 4

Author: GameGlitch
Size: 384x216

Ticon Corp lands smack in the middle of a UDF base, but it turns out they can use its defenses to their advantage. (A redux of the previous part is finished, but I am currently unable to publish it due to a bug of some kind. Once I can, I'll publish the fixed version. Thank you for your patience.)


what is the effective way to beat the monstrous doppel?


That top section is hideous to attack but if you are quick enough you can take out the spawner before the ship spawns. If it does build then the best thing is to ram it with a couple of fast ships from behind. Even better - lure it to your base and keep it there while you attack the spawner. The only way to take the top is by multiple sacrifices, just send everything in!

The map does feel very unfinished, top right and bottom left corners are a bit pointless.


Another note: This is a collection mission, and it is just possible to get the HQ up to the top right before the particles are out or the land is covered in Emergent. It can get the pickup and is largely safe there. The central pickup island is then the only major target.

There is also two pickups in the base.
A narrative is a lightly-marked path to another reality.


I have no idea how you'd move the HQ up to the top right, too many cannons and emitters along the way and I found the HQ to be just not fast enough.

A bunch of omnis worked like a charm though.