Custom Map #77: dimentoa prologue. By: Exostum

Started by AutoPost, January 11, 2014, 07:02:12 AM

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Quote from: pawel345 on January 12, 2014, 04:41:13 PM
Ok sorry, I got a bit frustrated playing the map that's all. The terrain is really nice, the part I didn't like is that there is nothing to do on the map, no goals other than building berthas and watching them fire. And you can't build PZ berthas as there is no space. You are not limited by anything, nor is there any threat as the AC emitters protect your base well enough. So the constructive part would be, maybe add something for the player to do while waiting for the berths to cut down the creeper. Maybe some secondary goal that for example a CPRL core that would decrease the emmiter output when destroyed?
i built all my berthas at once and waited for 300 aether then singularity and attacked with 4 blasters a shield and some guppies. also with ripple firing bertha batteries!  :o
there are things to do, just not ceaseless micromanagement. and not everyone wants to do CRPL stuff (i can only just bring myself to add it even when someone else has written it ;))
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Hello everyone i am the author of this map.

So some tough on my third map for colonial space.

First i don't know why the Archived Transmissions icon disappear, when i tested it before publishing it worked.

For the spore tower, guppy is the key.

And for the aether pack, it is a work of the loki that you can't get it ^_^

I am curruntly working on a CRPL version of this map series...

(By the way i am french so please excuse my english)

My Work in progress Maps (On hold for now)