Custom color settings for digitalis and mist effect

Started by fizzrate, March 27, 2014, 11:43:24 AM

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I love that I can change the color of the creeper and anti-creeper to any color I wish. There is one thing that bothers me ever so slightly however. While the creeper is set to a different than the default blue color, the creeper filled digitalis and mist effect when creeper is destroyed is still blue.  I'd love to see a custom setting for both the mist and digitalis. Love the game Knuckle Cracker crew! Can't wait to play on Steam tonight!! ;D


That would be some great frosting for the CW3 cake.

It's definitely great that CW3 eventually included a feature that allows you to make creeper and AC any color on the color spectrum with the green, blue and red bars (which PSY 105 in College will tell you more about), but it's time to see it happen to digitalis and mist too.