(Final) Glossary of CW3 Terms

Started by 4xC, June 06, 2014, 12:15:45 PM

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While it is great that we have a Topic for terms used only in CW3, I would like to compile them all into this one topic without the other posts inbetween terms. In time, this will have every term in the other glossary.

For simplicity, I trust there to be no comment posts in this one. However, if the moderators have anything to say about this, I am open to PM's. If I can, I may lock this topic to comments. (I think I noticed it being possible to lock topics that you create yourself)

BTW, despite the descriptions of some of the terms in the glossary, this glossary is eventually going to be written in the absolute most official sense possible, so there will be changes in most/all of the definitions.

There may also be terms not found in the other glossary.

Digi-rage:  Similar to map rage, but when a tendril of a large patch of digitalis sneaks past your assault forces, wipes out the relays connecting your infrastructure.

Ready Five Strafer: ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ready_Five ): Fully loaded strafer (preferably on a PZ) ready to go in 5 seconds.

Spore-Blindness: Neglecting to build Beams prior to the launch of Spores.

Spore Slip: When a Spore sticks the landing during which either you don't have adequate Beam Coverage, your Beams don't have enough energy, or you don't have enough Beams.

Beam Coverage: The range of every Beam you currently have built. (not including overlap)

AoO Happy: Any instance where you have multiple AoO and carelessly activate them all without any real strategic intent.

CW Death Ball: A core of mortars surrounded by sprayers and pulse cannons.

Terpaforming: Selecting the wrong height when attempting to increase a creeper-blocking wall's height.

The Energy Strain Release Point: The point in a game where you must stop building collectors over captured ground due to having no captured ground left.

Bridge Assault: Using a terraformed bridge, usually 3, 6 or 9 cells wide, to advance towards an enemy in assault. (Roma Victor)

Deep Striking: Setting up a large forward base including a command node, many weapons and energy production in a short amount of time on land that was heavily defended by enemies.

TurtleForming:spending an large amount of time on a map terraforming. (an hour or 2 in game).

Runner Swarm: Refers to a large group of clustered runners.

Artery: a vital tendril of digitalis that when destroyed causes a large section of digitalis away from its birth emitter to fade and slowly die while dsconnected. (If there is a large section at the end of a tendril)

Loot: AoO collection in-game

Booty: Total AoO collection in Prospector Zone.

Natural Landing Pad: A patch or ground designed to accomodate your first CN's first landing.

Ground Zero: an area targeted by either a squadron of Strafers, quite a bit of Bombers, a bunch of Berthas, any AoO, or the Target area established by the Singularity Weapon.

Farm: a large, flat stretch of ground that you have a group of evenly placed reactors and collectors.
note: it is artificial if you terraformed the ground your farm rests on and natural if the area was already flat and no terraforming was involved in the making of the farm.

Sanitize: to completely eradicate all remaining creeper on a map even after you win.

Primary Base: the network with the highest energy production and/or the most land (usually where you first CN is).

Fortress: your primary base on high ground all the way, and/or protected by natural/terraformed wall that either just holds back creeper if one pixel thick or is 3x3 and thus can hold PC's and Mortars on top.

Turret: a 3x3 patch of even ground that supports a 3x3 weapon other than a flyer's pad.

Outpost: a separate network that produces less energy or has less energy powering weapons, totems, etc. than your Primary Base. (must be powered by its own CN or at least 5 Guppies and must not be connected to your Primary Base)

Artillery Battery: 3-9 Berthas in a clustered group firing at the same general area.

Spoils of War: whatever benefits a unit gets when it is on a PZ.

Ranch: a large area covered by active collectors. Does not include reactors.

Dam: a terraformed wall built for the purpose of either blocking creeper or controlling AC flow at a distance from your base so as to not let any go away from the frontline. (Walls on the edge of your base do not qualify; must be on the frontline)

Airbase: a large group of pads for any flying units. Preferably within your base.

AA Battery: a bunch of Beams. Could be in a line or in a tight group.

Trench: (a canal if made by terraforming), a deep line of ground with higher ground on the sides of the line.

Canal: a terraformed trench with either creeper or AC inside.

Ocean: an extremely large body of creeper.

Creeperfall: just like a waterfall but with creeper coming from a trench ending's drop and the creeper is not flowing over the sides of the trench.

Tentacle: a curvy line of digialis.

Aorta: Your main connection highway holding your empire together over vast distances; connection from Primary Base to your frontline weapons and everything else via mass Relays.

Wasteland: A part of the map that needs an extreme amount of terraforming to become usable for energy production and structure placement.

Atlantis: When your whole base is covered in AC.

Over Energize: When you overbuild reactors and run out of energy in the process of constructing them. (Don't build too many at a time.)

Death's Row: 3-9 Berthas in a line firing at the same general area.

Web: A clump of digitalis that you need to get through to nullify an emitter.

Chernobyl: When a group of reactors gets hit by a spore and you energy reserves resultingly run out. (One of the worst possible outcomes of a Spore Slip.)