Impossible Code Maps

Started by Mare, June 16, 2011, 05:25:10 PM

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Running Rat

7959 medium/high
Zero gravity, experimentals, two surface emitters, a surface drone gateway, and 10 phantoms after 1 minute if you somehow manage to survive that long.

Edit: Looks like it's not impossible after all.


The red drones killed me at 1:20, but it might be possible to survive in the underground somehow.


I haven't finished the map, but you are save, once the dark beam is running. It's definitely not impossible, but quite challenging.



ask can box Large/High

Experimentals, build directions: all, limited opportunities for burrowing.

Surface level emitter (97076k), 15 surface level drones (4hp, medium speed), 12 phantoms after 52 seconds.

After 2 decaying/long and 2 decaying/medium tiles break, creeper from 2 more emitters (145578k and 79459k) and 3 drones (13hp, slow speed) join in.